Salvadoran Food Coma | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #13

El Salvador is one of the few countries we’ve covered so far where, colonial influences aside, its indigenous cuisine hasn’t yet faced the abstract brush strokes of regional and international chefs. Today, we visit Casamiento to try the national dish, pupusa, which can be traced to an Indigenous recipe from 2000 years ago.

Belgian Waffles and More | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #5

Upon first glance, Belgian food seems like a simple melange of other European cuisines. On the contrary, Belgium punches above its weight and is globally recognized for its own brand of endives, chocolate, waffles, mussels, fries, beer and much more. Today, we try a proper Liege style Belgian waffle at Lekker in Kensington Market.

Indigenous Cuisine of Canada | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #2

Canada has more dishes to its name than you may think, but most people conveniently forget about Indigenous cuisines that have existed long before any of these foods were invented. Unfortunately, discussing the erasure of Indigenous history and culture in Canada would take more than a few paragraphs. For now, let’s pay a visit to one of the few Indigenous restaurants in the city. I encourage you to do the same.