Bajan Pop-Up Lunch | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #14

Barbados is a small but mighty country, churning out a surprising amount of dishes exclusive to the island. I guess that’s what happens when you take an island naturally abundant with seafood, fruits and lots more, and introduce a world of influences. Today we check out the Bajan Kitchen pop up, the only source of Bajan food across the GTA.

Hearty Haitian Platters | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #9

A month ago, I had never tried Haitian food, nor did I have a clue about the cuisine’s history. Now, i know that Haiti is a sleeping giant in the world of gastronomy, and I hope its time on the global stage comes soon. Today, we try some of Haiti’s greatest hits at Alabon Libon in Scarborough.

Indigenous Cuisine of Canada | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #2

Canada has more dishes to its name than you may think, but most people conveniently forget about Indigenous cuisines that have existed long before any of these foods were invented. Unfortunately, discussing the erasure of Indigenous history and culture in Canada would take more than a few paragraphs. For now, let’s pay a visit to one of the few Indigenous restaurants in the city. I encourage you to do the same.