Bajan Pop-Up Lunch | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #14

Barbados is a small but mighty country, churning out a surprising amount of dishes exclusive to the island. I guess that’s what happens when you take an island naturally abundant with seafood, fruits and lots more, and introduce a world of influences. Today we check out the Bajan Kitchen pop up, the only source of Bajan food across the GTA.

Exploring Sudanese Food | Toronto Global Eats Challenge #4

The monolith of “African food” is steadily giving way to regionalized cuisine in Toronto. Zoal Restaurant is the only one I’ve managed to locate in the GTA for Sudanese food. As Canadians, we are fed a single story about Sudan – a war-torn, poverty-stricken country with little life worth mentioning. I’m grateful to Zoal for offering a different lens, to remind us that beauty and vibrancy exist everywhere, and that they will always shine through food.